Volleyball Betting

Volleyball betting is slowly rising in popularity, however; it is still very possible to find some sites that don’t have the live option and others that are a bit lukewarm on offering the volleyball betting odds. Therefore, according to statistics we have a little above 800million people playing volleyball worldwide, while soccer has about 3.5billion fans, well of course the number of players is relatively high.

And the world’s population now stands above 7. 5 billion people, so when you compare these numbers with the numbers on soccer and volleyball, then you realize that the latter still occupies a small percentage.

Total points bet on volleyball

Betting on total points in volleyball does not involve a steep learning curve as you will only need to predict the number of points that will be scored during the duration of the match. And while at this keep in mind that beach game’s only run to three sets, while the indoor matches cover up to five sets. Meaning that if you will bet on an indoor match then the least number of points that you expect to be scored is 75 points, so for the above to come to fruition, the team will have to score 25-0, 25-0, 25-0.

Volleyball betting odds are not as difficult to comprehend, for example, if you are familiar with the number of points on each of the matches then you are good to bet on volleyball. For example, the indoor matches are prone to about 136 points, an important point to remember if you want to bet on volleyball. You can, therefore, place a bet over the total number of points scored or under the total number of points scored in the game.

A good example of volleyball odds is betting on two countries such as the United States vs Brazil that are witnessing +134.5 points, so if 135 points are scored by the team that you bet on then you win the bet.

Volleyball Betting

Final Spurt online volleyball betting

So for this bet on volleyball, we will have to go with a live volleyball match, which one of the sets is running a current score of 23:23 or 13:13, with regard to the fifth set. So for you to win a volleyball set in online volleyball betting then one of the teams has to score about 25 points, consequently the advantage over the losing team must be at least two points.

Let us look at some of the volleyball odds to get better insight, so we could bet on TU 48.5 for a score of 23:23 that is 46 points in total. Meaning that it will be payday if one of the teams scores 23:25, but if the score is 24:24 then the bet on volleyball will be TU ( 50.5) and on at least until one of the teams wins. In essence, is that the size of each subsequent stake is dependent on the catch-up strategy.

Remember that the volleyball odds on the previously mentioned outcomes on average equal 2.5, meaning that the punter has a good chance of making a handsome profit. A volleyball betting tip that you should keep at your finger tips is that bookmakers allow people to bet on volleyball till the very end of the game, but not for all the matches, so if you are to initiate the final spurt strategy then you should stick with events from the major competitions.

Match Bet Volleyball Betting Odds

To access the volleyball betting odds under the match bet, you first have to find the volleyball competition with which you want to bet on, in the Betzest Sportsbook. Then pick a game that you will follow; a common arrangement is that the home teams will be lined on the left and the away teams on the right. You will then proceed to click on the volleyball betting odds, and enter your stake and then proceed to place the bet.

If the team that you placed a bet on volleyball wins, then you also win the bet.

Online Volleyball Betting

Correct Score Volleyball Betting Lines

In the online volleyball betting, the correct score works with sets, so what happens is that you will bet on the correct score from a volleyball match in terms of sets. If it’s beach volleyball then the scores could range from 2-0 to 2-1 either home or away. And, if you are more interested in the volleyball betting lines in indoor volleyball then you can expect the scores to range from 3-0 to 3-2 either home or away.

On some occasions there is never a strict home or away team, so the teams will be allocated to either the first or the second section of the bet.

Tournament Bets Volleyball Betting Odds

For the volleyball betting lines in tournament bets, all you’ve got to do is place a bet on the eventual winner of the tournament, and for this option, it would be best if you used Unibet as it is known to provide tournament bets of some of the biggest competitions in the volleyball landscape. Tournament bets volleyball betting is thus infinite and you can, therefore; proceed to bet on the Olympics.

Volleyball betting tips that can come handy in this scenario is that you can place a bet predicting that a team will win a medal or gold, and you also have the option of placing a bet on the team that you think will crash out.

Additionally, if you are familiar with the volleyball tournaments then you know that they have an initial group stage which normally leads onto the knockout stage. There are many volleyball betting tips at this juncture and one is that you can always bet on the team that you think will win a group instead of the entire tournament.

So if you predict that a team will win the group and not the overall title, then this would offer the perfect opportunity to play the volleyball betting odds.

Moneyline Volleyball betting

Moneyline volleyball betting is as simple and direct as it is in the other sports, so here you will simply place a bet on the team that you predict will win the match, and if it wins, you win. Moneyline is expressed in both the positives and negatives, with the positive number depicting your potential profit after you have wagered about $100 and as usual the negative will show you the amount of money or bet that you need to place before you earn the $100 profit.

In money line volleyball betting you don’t need to wager an amount that is equal to the Moneyline, so if it is negative, then the formula is (100/odds) X stake and if it is positive then the most probable formula would be (your stake/100) X odds.