Tennis betting

The best tennis tipsters are bound to the laws of probability, which determine the outcome of a game, we, however, tend to think that the best way to win in online tennis betting is by betting on a specific player, also known as Moneyline. The latter has two other alternatives, which are also popular methods used when placing a bet on tennis (the game and over/under).

Unlike other sports like soccer, tennis bettors are not as many; however, that doesn’t make it any less lucrative. So, if you are still green in tennis betting and are wondering whether you are going to attract a handsome profit then the answer is yes; however, you have to utilize the best tennis betting tips. Additionally, you can find information on tennis players in the public platform that has been provided for your use, by the sport’s governing bodies.

Moneyline Tennis Odds

The tennis betting odds are, therefore, presented in three varied ways, the first one being the Decimal, which has been mostly adopted in the southern hemisphere and across Europe. Fractional is used in Ireland and the UK, and lastly, we have the popular Moneyline, which is common in North America.

Tennis odds are not the easiest to interpret because of the many markets that one has to choose from and the variety of options that can help boost profits. So, as we provide more insight on the tennis odds, we begin with the tennis betting lines; the money line is a familiar name to the punters and is also the most common form of betting in many sports.

Tennis betting odds in Moneyline are very direct in that the bookmarkers will provide you with the winner of the match, so all you are left to do is to pick your favorite player. The latter will be indicated with a negative sign (-) and the underdog, who is also the least favorite player will likely fail, will be indicated by a positive sign (+).

For example, Player 1   -180
Player 2 +250

The Negative Moneyline next on Player 1 is the amount of money that you will have to invest if you are to win the $100 profit. Wager $180 + Profit $100 $280 payout.

The positive money line next to Player 2 is the amount of money that would be won by placing a $100 wager, in simple terms is that if you place a bet on the second player and he wins, then you will get a total payout of $350. So any time that you want to place a bet on tennis odds, it would be ideal to first glance at the tennis betting lines, and after a careful analysis decide if it would be worthwhile to take out a bet.

Remember that in this situation player 2 offers a better payout when compared to player one, with the odds of 3/1 ($350 payout for a $100 bet). However, there is no guarantee that player 2 will take the cup but with the 1st player, the probability of him winning are quite high but with little payout when compared to the second player.

Tennis Betting

Over or under online tennis betting

An Over or Under bet on tennis is a wager placed with regards to the total number of games that will be played in the match. For example, if you have two players competing against each other, and are playing a 3 set match, the over/under is likely to be set at 22.5 games. So, if you predict that the match will be close and proceed to bet on the over then the match will have to last for at least 23 games.

In essence is that for the over/under bet on tennis you don’t have to go through the stress of picking a winner rather, just pick the duration of the match. And when it comes to the payment, the payouts odds could be shifted with regards to the over/under bets that you had made, so money might fail to pay out and that could be on both sides of the bet.

And if by any chance the match is predicted to finish in the straight sets, then you can expect the pay to be high if you make the correct bet. One tennis betting tip that you might want to remember whenever you want to bet on tennis is that you should never go for a straight two-set win as you will fail badly.

Match betting tennis odds

In Match betting, you only get to pick the probable winner of a match and with regard to the level of favorite and underdog each of the players are, the payout odds will be adjusted respectively. The above simply means that the favorite will pay out less and the underdog will have a better payout.

So, as you gamble with the tennis odds, be extra keen on the payouts that are directly linked to the matches that you are interested in because the betting public has a lot of influence that could lead to a shift in the tennis betting lines. And if you are lucky you could bite a big chunk once the betting public starts to move the betting lines incorrectly by betting in the wrong direction.

Online Tennis Betting

Handy Tennis betting tips

Before placing your bets on any kind of sports, make sure you know a little about it!

Understand both the serve and return

You stand a better chance of winning if you can play bet, in such scenarios bettors normally wager upon a match game by game, for this option, however, you have to be watching the match in a live stream. Your eyes should, therefore, be fixed on the serve, because at this very point, the immediate outcome of the game lies squarely in the hands of one person.

So, if you notice any weakness in the serve then be keen in the course of the match, as it will increase, meaning that as the match nears the end of a set it becomes more vulnerable.

Keep records of the online tennis betting

In online tennis betting staying ahead of the game is not an option rather a necessity, and there is no better way to achieve this than by having a consolidated record complete with the date, bookmarker, tournament, your odds, bet type, your stake, and the profit and loss.

Therefore, the tennis betting tip that has camouflaged under record-keeping is that you will be able to gauge your overall performance. For example, you will have information in your hands on the bet types that fill your pockets, the tournaments that eat up on your money with zero profits, and how you have been able to escape a losing streak and how you drowned with the other bettors.

Bet on tennis with multiple bookmarkers

If you are serious about placing a bet on tennis then there is no way on earth that you will restrict yourself to one bookmarker, because this simply limits your chances. Varied bookmarkers open your chances to a wider range of tennis bet types, and you also get exposed to more markets that you can wager on. Restricting oneself to one bookmark, consequently limits you to a narrower range of tennis betting odds.