Table Tennis Betting

Table tennis, ping pong, or whiff whaff however, you want to call it is not a very popular sport but quite entertaining. Punters have a variety of options when betting on this sport and can, therefore, bet on the total number of points that will be scored in the overall game or on the number of sets that will be played before, a winner is declared.

Players that have been formally trained on the sport don’t refer to it as ping pong but rather table tennis and the former is used by the less serious garage players. Table tennis is a mind game for both the punter and the player, for the latter, they have to be psychologically fit failure to which they might zone off in the middle of the game and make you lose your bet.

For the punter, you need to be keen on the bookmakers because they rarely have too much knowledge on the sport and it might be an opportunity for you to reap because of the incredibly high table tennis odds that the bookmakers at times post. If you plan on indulging the table tennis betting lines then there are several important factors that you should keep in mind, but which will be discussed later in this excerpt.

Total Points per Game Bet on Table Tennis

In a table tennis game, the first player to win by 11 points is declared the winner but must, however, have at least two points ahead of his/her opponent. So what we are saying is that if both the players get 10 points then to be the winner one of the players must get a 2 points lead.

So if you decide to bet on tennis total points per game then you will be required to predict whether there will be an over or an under in an already predetermined number of points and that is in a particular game, remember also that in table tennis a match is the best of 5.

Table Tennis Betting

Match Winner Online Table Tennis Betting

Punters who are still on their first baby steps in table tennis betting can have a go at this because it is one of the easiest forms of table tennis betting. The prediction on the match winner market will revolve around the result derived after the game has run its full normal game time. The sportsbook will, therefore, provide you with two options, the first player (A) and the second player (B), so your job will be to pick the player that you predict will win the match.

The table tennis odds presented in the match winner market might seem easy but there is a catch that many new players tend to ignore and which can be quite costly to the point of losing a bet. For this game, you only need to choose the player that you think will win but ensure that you have researched on the player that you are backing.

Information such as their mental state, also know the type of field and their opponent, remember that some players tend to freak out when their opponent is left-handed and will rarely beat them, making you lose your bet.

Handicap Line per Game Table Tennis Odds

The handicap per line bet in table tennis doesn’t have much going on, so punters will just have to place a bet on a specific game and not the entire match. The table tennis betting lines in this market only gives bettors the option of betting on the number of points that a specific game will be won by.

Remember that in table tennis there is normally a standard handicap of 1.5 games that punters are allowed to wager on. So what happens is that a match is played until one side wins at least three out of five games, which then means that if you take on the favorite player A, at -1.5 then the payout will be +137 but only if the player wins the match by more than one game.

Online Table Tennis Betting

Game Winner Table Tennis Betting Odds

Newbies are more than welcome to sharpen their betting skills by placing a bet on table tennis game-winner. This market isn’t very different from the match-winner; however, the players that you will back in this game are expected to win a specific match, but not the entire match like in the match-winner. Meaning that if you do your research well then you might be able to gain profits as you juggle on the table tennis odds provided on the specific matches.

Race to Three, Five, and Seven Points per Game Table Tennis Betting

And just like in the markets prior knowledge of the player that you are going to back in this market plays the primary role in your ability to make profits in the bets that you place. So, with the Race to three, five, and seven points per game, you will get to chose between two players, and the player that you settle with must be able to be the first one to score at least three, five, and seven points in a particular game.

Table tennis betting tips

Check your table tennis betting odds- unlike other sports, the table tennis betting odds provided by the different betting sites can have a very big difference. So the idea here is to settle with a site that tends to offer a lucrative deal. Take for example the betting site that had the table tennis odds for the winner at 5-1, while the opposing betting site offered table tennis betting odds of 3-1, mind you this was in a recent tennis tournament.

Check on the form- online table tennis betting does not necessarily put you on the ground, but ground research is just as important before placing bets. To which case you need to watch out for the foam as it tends to fluctuate from tournament to tournament.

For the big tournaments, most players tailor schedules so that they can peak when the biggest evens arrive such as the Olympics.

Keep a keen eye on the current rank- in online table tennis betting there is no telling how much the current rank will help when you wager on a player. The table tennis betting tip behind this concept is for you to understand the individual styles of each of table tennis player. You might, therefore, find that the world’s no. 3 has been pushed down to no. 9. The above then means that the player who has been ranked first will not necessarily outdo the player ranked on the bottom.

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