Soccer Betting

The article below will walk you through the online soccer betting methods given that there are numerous ways through which you can bet on soccer, however, you have to know that winning is never guaranteed in online soccer betting, but if you smartly learn the play patterns and merits of the various teams that you want to bet on, then you will big time.

Money line betting soccer betting tips

This is probably the simplest betting method in soccer, as it is pretty straight up, what happens in money line is that you bet on one of two teams, soccer betting odds are then provided with regard to the chances of winning. So on the odds, you will see a (-) sign and a (+) sign, the former is the favorite team and one that is expected to win and the latter is the underdog and the one that is expected to lose.

The best soccer betting tip we can offer when it comes to choosing between the favorite and the underdog is that the favorites always tend to win more. Also, if you constantly bet on favorites then you have to win a high percentage of the bets that you place, to make money.

In essence is that if you are given soccer betting odds of -160 just an example, if you want to understand the value that the above digits represent is that if you bet the above amount and that team wins then you will make a profit of $100. So here the original wager is $160 and the profit is $100 totaling $260.

Additionally, money line wagers in soccer are given depending on whether the game is a regular league or a tournament. Regular season matches, the wagers are the three-way money line soccer odds, and if it is a tournament then a 2-way money line soccer odd may be offered.

Soccer Betting

The three-way money line, soccer betting lines

Under the soccer betting lines, the three-way money line will give you three options, the first one being Team “A” wins, the second one is Team “B” Wins and the third one is that the match will “end in a tie” or as commonly known “draw.”

With the above options placing a bet on soccer is simple, as all you got to do is to pick the team that you think offers the best soccer odds and wait for the game to run its full 90 minutes before a winner is declared.

Three-way money line soccer odds

Atlanta United FC
Boston Redsox/St New York City FC

We also have the two-way money line, still under the soccer betting lines that are offered in two distinct options, which are the Double Chance and the Draw No Bet, both of which are graded under the regular 90 minutes.

The Draw No Bet Soccer betting odds

The draw no bet does not give you the chance to wager on a draw, so here you will bet on one team, and if it wins then you automatically win, but if the match ends in a draw then your wager ends up as a push or void, thus your stake will be given back to you. Here comes the worst part of the Draw No Bet soccer betting odds, if your team loses then your wager is automatically graded as a loss.

The best thing about the Draw No Bet online soccer betting is that your money will be returned back to you should the match end in a draw. Still not getting it, okay, let's break it down a little, Draw No Bet, just like its name, you don’t get to bet on the draw, so if two teams are playing that is your home team that you obviously support and the away team; you only have the option of betting on one.

So if the team that you selected wins then you also win.

Draw no bet soccer odds

Atlanta United FC
New York City FC
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Double chance soccer betting tips

Double chance gives you two options, the first one is for team A to either win or tie, or Team B to win or tie, and lastly is for either of the teams to win. For each of the selections, the pay-out will also vary with regard to the three-way money line odds. Remember, therefore, that you get to select two of the best options that you think are going to win.

With the double chance therefore the higher the chances of winning, the shorter the returns and the odds.

Double chance soccer betting odds

Atlanta United FC or a tie
New York City FC or a tie
Atlanta United FC or New York City FC

Asian Handicap online soccer betting

Asian Handicaps are used to get rid of the chances of a draw in a soccer match, which then leaves only two possible results. A Handicap game indicates that one of the team gets a virtual head start, thus leading the game with differing amounts before it actually starts. So when you decide to settle with this option, you will be betting on a team that begins the game on a disadvantage, so the more goals it scores, the higher are its chances of beating its opponent.

And still, on the handicap soccer odds, the opposing team could be given a head start when the game is starting and therefore win the game just by drawing the match. Asian Handicap online soccer betting has many options, so some of the spreads for favorites are such as -0.25, -0.50, -0.75, and -1 among others. For the underdog, the soccer odds are likely to be +0.25, +0.50, +0.75, and +1.00.

As you bet on soccer, you should note that Handicaps tend to range from one-quarter goal to several goals, and goes with the additions of half or even quarter goals. So when you bet on soccer under the Asian Handicap, if you bet with the half-line, +0.5 then the team that you bet on will begin the match with a positive Asian Handicap value, which is a half goal lead.

The above then means that you will win if the team you placed a bet on ties or wins but if by any chance the team loses then you automatically lose your bet. Join Betzest and find out more abount online sports betting!

Doesn't matter what online sports betting statistics you use, the only thing that matters is that you choose wisely. On our platform, you can bet on everything from NFL betting to table tennis bets, you will see how fun it is to bet blindly on new sports.