Snooker Betting

Unless you play the table games then you will most likely confuse pool with snooker, for the enthusiasts however, the differences are very apparent as pool is played on a pool table while snooker is played on the billiard table. Additionally, pool is any variation of games using the 15 numbered balls and snooker is the game with 15 red balls, a blue, green, yellow, black, and pink.

Betting options are many for snooker enthusiasts most especially during the big-money tournament season that goes on for a period of four months that is between May and August; the game is however played all year round. Snooker is now a part of the sport betting games and even better is that China is shaking things up in the snooker landscape by introducing a new breed of players, who are actively moving to challenge the old order of Scottish, English, and Welsh professionals.

Though not as popular as soccer, betting on snooker is just as tough as betting on the other sports, we will, therefore, provide you with the best snooker betting tips and the online snooker betting markets that you can bet on for profits.

Snooker Betting

Online Snooker Betting Markets

When referring to snooker, there are a lot of markets you can start betting on!

Handicaps snooker betting

Before you bet on a handicap, you must possess the necessary betting knowledge and be aware of the capabilities of the players; because the bookmakers will not let you win easily. In the handicap snooker odds, two players with varying snooker abilities are paired, one who is better skilled and a weaker player, so what the bookmakers do, they try to balance the two players by employing different handicap lines to eliminate any chances of a draw.

Snooker players are normally given a handicap that ranges from -30 to +30, in practice is that if player A has a handicap of +10, then there is a 20 points difference, meaning that player A will start each frame on 0 points, whereas player B will start each frame on 20 points.

If you plan to bet on snooker via the handicap market then here are some snooker betting tips that you need to keep with you, first is that for the league formats you are provided with up to three options and the handicaps are set at the start of the season.

They will, then, remain unchanged until the competition ends, the handicaps are reviewed at a pre-defined point of the season, usually halfway and they will be changed automatically with regard to the previous week's results.

Additionally, if there are knockout competitions then the snooker handicaps will remain unchanged during the tournament.

Bets on a match snooker betting tips

Well if you are just starting out on the snooker betting lines, then this is the right online snooker betting market to get on. The bookmaker will, therefore, provide you with the opportunity to correctly predict the winner of a specific match, and you also don’t have to worry about the snooker odds because there are no draws.

Live betting snooker odds

Live snooker betting calls for laser-sharp attention because during the ball break the snooker betting odds tend to change from second to second giving you the chance to catch valuable snooker betting odds. Live betting is best recommended for the professional punters, first because there are several types of live bets with the first one being “who wins the match,” then “who wins the current frame,” “who wins the following frame,” and “who scores the following ball.”

Bets on tournament

Bets on tournament snooker betting lines have to be the easiest because to play, not predict because the only thing that a bettor will do is choose the best player that will win the tournament. This is one of the bets that newbies can play, be informed however that you need at least a general idea of how the tournament operates.

Over/Under snooker betting odds

Are quite challenging and can best be handled by professional bettors, because players are likely going to make insignificant mistakes. For this market the bookmaker will offer a variety of snooker odds such as 10-12, or 13-15, punters will then proceed to choose the odds that they predict will win.

Correct score snooker betting lines

These are not for newbies as they require a thorough analysis of the previous matches before a bet is placed. Important to note is that the odds provided to the punters are based on what the bookmakers think and on the amount that they have taken on each player or team.

Under the correct score, the punter has to offer an exact result of how the match will end.

147 bet on snooker

With betting intuition and confidence are very vital and will come in handy if you are thinking of settling with the 147 bets. The question here is whether any player will get the maximum amount of points (147) during a tournament or a match in the 1st break.

Professional punters who wish to try out the 147 bets, here are a couple of handy snooker betting tips. The first thing that you are going to look at is the size of the tournament concerning the number of frames played. You will thus check on the size of the draw, keeping in mind that a draw with about 128 players does offer many matches and consequently many frames at least when compared to a 16 player draw.

The second thing that you should look at is the format of the matches because some tournaments tend to have short matches as best of seven. Also, check on the quality of the tables if players are having issues with the venue or there are a lot of kicks on the tables then a maximum break is a far cry.

Lastly, check on the players who are competing, and look for the ones that are in a draw, consequently look for a favorable draw for the players, because you are going to want many matches for the players, more so against the weaker players as they will have many chances of potting the opening red.

A maximal break snooker betting lines

The snooker odds in this market are pretty clear as the bookmaker will give you the option of betting on the maximal breaks on a specific match and the whole tournament. So the big question is which snooker player will get the maximum number of points in one series.

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Online Snooker Betting