Rugby Betting

The two halves of a rugby match have to pay out, one way or the other, given the rather large spectrum of betting markets; online rugby betting opportunities are so many with the best one allowing bettors to bet in-play more so for the major matches. Over the years the Rugby sport has grown to cover many third world countries thus it is not a surprise that it has a fan base of about 410million in only four countries (New Zealand, Australia, France, and England).

The popularity of the sport has inadvertently attracted a huge number of punters and just like the other sports unless you master the necessary betting skills then you are in for some serious losing streak. However, that doesn’t always have to be the case with all the rugby betting tips that will be provided in this excerpt, read on.

There are so many bets that you can place when bet on rugby and the most important rugby betting tips will have you scale up your betting skills, but truth be told a little research on your own will push you to earn a spot in the high table with the likes of Haralabos Voulgaris and Billy Waters.

So, for you to successfully bet on rugby, you need information about the best players, are they playing or are they injured, also gather information on the history of the team, have they been on the losing streak or have they been enjoying fine runs.

Handicap Rugby Odds

In handicap betting, the bookmarker usually gives one team an advantage as a way of making each team’s chances of victory to balance. The above move can be quite confusing for the bettors because now the gambling field has been leveled with the favorite team being given a minus while the underdog is given a plus.

However, if the above doesn’t suit you, there are other alternatives still under the handicap market that allows punters to pick the handicap market that suits them best. Additionally, some handicaps are offered on a games quarter or half to give bettors a chance to bet on the handicap winners for the quarter or half.

Rugby Betting

Totals betting rugby odds

Totals betting in online rugby betting are as simple as placing a bet on the number of points that are to be scored in a match. The bookmaker will, therefore, give bettors a totals point’s figure from which they will decide if the total number will be above or below it.

Draw no bet rugby betting odds

The draw no bet online rugby betting is an interesting method that seeks to reward the bettors if the game ends in a draw, meaning that bettors will be given back their stake thus they neither lose nor win. So what happens in this betting market is that the option of a draw from a bet is removed, and bettors are at liberty to bet on either a home or an away win.

So, if you predict correctly then your bet on rugby will definitely win, keep in mind, however, that if the team that you are backing is defeated then your bet will also lose.

Online Rugby Betting

Bet on Rugby’s Team to score first

The first team to score in rugby betting is when bettors place a bet on one of the two teams that they believe will be the first one to earn points. So if you are smart enough then you can approach this bet by delaying, to place your bet up until kick-off when you know which team will have a kick-off.

So if the team that you placed your bet on scores the first points then you automatically win, but if the other team is the first one to score points you lose your bet, also if no goals are scored you still lose.

Outright winner rugby betting odds

The outright bet is a simple wager on the winner of the competition or the tournament; essentially you will be placing a bet on the team that you predict to have the most favorable rugby odds or the best rugby betting line to win the tournament. We also have a few handy rugby betting tips, as concerns the outright winner, and here bettors are allowed to place bets each-way on a team in a specific tournament, so if the team that you backed places then you can expect to get paid.

Besides many people in rugby betting back teams each way at higher rugby betting odds because they have been able to see value in it.

Top try scorer betting

Before we go into the details of the top try scorer betting, we just want to bring you up to speed with the essentials that go hand in hand with this betting market. Before, you settle on placing a bet, ensure that you have conclusive information on the player form, the schedule, injuries, and team form. The reason for the above is because you are going to bet on a player to score the most tries in either a championship or tournament.

Winning Margin Bet on Rugby

In the winning margin, bet bettors are provided with an exact margin for which their teams should win by. Take, for example, if you place a bet on the Springboks to win 5-10, then Springboks must strive to beat the Blues, which is the opposing team by 5-10 points. In essence, therefore, is that if they win by either four or eleven points then your bet will lose.

The winning margin market was designed to arouse interest in rugby betting and increase its competitive nature, so what will happen is that punters will have to bet on the team that will trample the opponent within the normal set time that the game is supposed to run.

To win both halves rugby betting lines

Comparing rugby betting with other online betting sports can be mind-numbing because you have to select a team that you expect will win in both the first and the second half separately. In essence, is that the team that you decide to back is tasked with scoring more points as each of the halves ends. Remember that rugby runs for about 80 minutes with halves that last for 40 minutes.

The rugby odds on this market can be tricky but you have two options, the first one is that you can say none of the teams will win both halves and the most common one with bettors is that one team will win both halves.

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