Politics Betting

Man has decided to make living more profitable by turning anything that features the noun “competition” into a bet. Who knew that we could bet on politics, I mean people do bet at their homes, or in the bars or with their friends on the person who is going to win the elections. But have you ever thought that you could bet on politics and make some real profits.

Surprised, well take a seat because it is happening and has been happening since 2016. Politics betting is still gaining ground in the first world countries, thus it may take a bit more time before it becomes fully established around the globe. And as it worms its way through other countries we want to give you a head start, so that you can start sailing in this boat as early as now.

America and Europe are well established when it comes to politics betting, however, for the residents of USA, you are only allowed to offshore bet at least according to the laws, but for Europe, it is a staple or rather a culture that has been ingrained in their day to day lives.

Futures politics betting

JAre bets that are decided on a specific date in the future, bettors, therefore, have to pick from a field of contestants, and the most probable example is that an investor might benefit if a particular political candidate wins the upcoming elections and in the process make profits.

Politics Betting

Totals (overs-under) politics betting tips

In Totals, politics betting the bookmaker will set a politics betting line, which deals with the number of times that particular experience will take place. The bookmaker can, therefore, post-politics betting odds on whether Obama will tweet over or under 13.5 times in a bid to promote legislation and support his policies. The punters will, therefore, choose to either bet the under or over.

So if Obama sent out 14 tweets or more then the punters who had bet on the overs politics odds would have won, and if he tweeted up to 13 or fewer times then the bettors with the under politics odds will benefit.

Moneyline Online Politics Betting

The Moneyline bet on politics provides bettors with two possible outcomes, for example in the presidential elections bettors could be asked to place a bet on either of two political parties that they predict will win the elections, meaning that the Moneyline politics betting odds set payouts for both sides.

The favorite will, therefore, feature a negative number, such as -150, the bettors, therefore, have to bet about $150 to win $100. The underdog, on the other hand, features the positive Moneyline odds like +125 meaning that for every $100 stake the bettor will earn $125.

Props bet on politics

Props are the type of politics betting odds that deal with outcomes that go beyond the normal electoral contests. You will, therefore, find that the sportsbook will allow you to only place a bet on the current political events. And it will, therefore, be safe to say that all the politics betting odds and politics betting lines that revolve around Obama’s tweets, and support for his policies can all be accommodated under the prop bet title.

Online Politics Betting

Online Politics Betting Tips

Keep off from the multi-option markets- the multi-option politics odds don’t really offer much value and is thus recommended for gamblers and not the dedicated bettors. Additionally, the multi-option markets offer a high margin and have no betting value attached to them. So if you are looking to have fun betting then this is the right market for you.

Be sure to bet on the elections that you know and understand- if you don’t really understand the elections and government of a country then you are going to find yourself between a rock and a hard place. Many times punters have found themselves trapped in choices with great political betting lines but with fewer winning chances.

The problem with politics betting is its dynamic nature, and the fact the most recent and relevant information is not readily available in print or online. And though you can get some, you still have to do some extensive digging, for example, if you are planning to place a bet on the French elections, you have to know the competitors, should we say at a personal level, you need to understand the French government among many other aspects.

Don’t doubt the traders – well this one can be hard to understand given the recent flop by the politics betting sites on the US presidential elections, Brexit and the Greek Referendum. If we can single out one of the above, the Brexit politics odds were a premium deceit and quite an expensive experience for the punters, however, that shouldn’t mislead you into failing to give the bookies their much-deserved credit on the elections odds.

In essence, is that the bookies rarely make mistakes when it comes to the politics odds, and if you can locate some profitable odds, why not settle with them.

Don’t be biased when checking for polls and facts- when it comes to politics it's all about loyalty and if it is political betting then we could say “it’s all about blind loyalty,” yes, you heard right, blind loyalty in the sense that you blatantly refuse to get information from sites that promote a different political agenda than the one that your favorite party promotes.

Remember that in politics betting, you need to make conscious decisions after gathering comprehensive information, and unless you check on your competitors then your bet might get burned. Besides, as a rule of thumb in betting, we are always advised not to back your favorite team if you intend to remain objective.

Politics betting tips are many but one that you should keep at your fingertips is the fact that you have to guard your bankroll and not spend your money unwisely on random bets, on the flip side, therefore, is that you could instead spend a good amount of your time, researching on markets the politics betting markets that actually interest you.

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