Motorcycle Betting

Fun and money don’t really mix unless you are betting, think about it, your muscles don’t strain, you don’t have to hit the road early in the morning or late in the evening preparing for a match, and you don’t even need to work out in the gym. Betting, therefore, is one of the aspects of working smart instead of working hard, we are, however, not saying that sports is not a profitable niche.

Motorcycle racing can win you money in betting and you can also have fun while at it. However, just like other types of online sports betting, if you become so money minded and rush off to place wagers, as a newbie things might go south really first that might make you regret why you even went there in the first place. Worry not though because we have consolidated a few tips necessary for both the professional and experienced motorcycle bettors.

Motorcycle betting Tips

If new is this sports betting area, before starting to bet on motorcycle races, make sure you know a few tips and tricks!

Research on the past winners

The good thing with motorcycle racing is that there is a lot of information out there. So all you got to do is research on the past winners because the motorcycle competitors do come and go, and the motorcycle circuits are always available in the racing season. The idea, therefore, is to check on the riders and their performance on the different online media platforms.

Always check the weather

Mother nature has a way of interrupting the already ongoing races, it would, therefore, be best if you research on how different riders perform when the weather changes, as there are those that can tackle a harsh environment like a pro and others that will make you lose your bet on motorcycle racing when the ground is wet.

Get a grip on the odds

In motorcycle betting there are varied odds, such as the UK format, the European format, and the American format, so if you see many people placing their bet on a particular player then there is a good chance that you will also cash in from that player. Be informed, however, that in the above you will not get a lot of money, so check on the online motorcycle betting odds as you will be able to know the amount of money that you will win.

Motorcycle Betting

Motorcycle Betting Markets

Bet On Motorcycle Racing Rider Matchups- Sportsbooks will put two riders with similar abilities to compete in a race, so the punters can have a hard time predicting the correct probable winner. In such a case the odds are usually similar, highly ranked riders cannot be paired with the big underdogs because the motorcycle racing odds on the favorite will then be tremendously short. Worry not though because handicap betting can come through for you as it is based on the point’s scheme.

Outright motorcycle betting- outright motorcycle betting odds are provided in the weekend when the races are taking place and this, as it happens, is an opportune time for enthusiastic bettors to lay their wagers. The good thing with the outright online motorcycle betting is that the results come out almost immediately.

The above still leaves the door open for the opportunistic bettors, to bet on other races in the future, which could be the following week, better yet is that the punters still have the option of betting on the outcome of the entire season, there is also room to bet on the constructor that will gather the most points as the season ends.

Motorcycle betting lines in Lap Betting- motorcycle racing consists of many laps, for example, the motorcycle speedway is a sport that involves about four or six riders that compete over four anti-clockwise laps of an oval circuit. So with the lap online motorcycle betting, you can bet on the winner of each of the laps, and just so you know not so many sportsbooks offer such an option.

However, there is an alternative, that is equally lucrative, and this is the fastest lap market, with this option you will place a bet on the rider that achieves the fastest lap in the race.

In-Play motorcycle betting- of the different types of bets, placing bets on live races is not only comfortable but full of fun. The advantage with this option is that it tends to be very profitable for the bettor because the odds change as the race is going on. Take for example; if the race's favorite is still tailing then the motorcycle betting odds on him will automatically go up.

Placing a bet on motorcycle racing calls for a sharp mind, so with the above situation, if your analysis shows that the rider will make up for it then you stand to cash in big-time.

Pole position betting- the motorcycle betting tip in pole positioning is that you can bet earlier on the rider that is going to get the pole position, isn’t that interesting. Well for the above it is pure luck because the pole sitter is picked a day to the race. So, what is the importance of the pole position; well, most winners of a race are those that begin the race in the position at the inside of the first row.

The above then gives the bettors a rough idea of the most probable winner of the motorcycle racing odds provided by the sportsbook.

Motorcycle betting lines in handicap betting- to be able to bet on the handicap motorcycle racing odds, you must first understand the point system. In practice, therefore, is that the top 15 riders are awarded points while the highest numbers go to the winner. The winner of the race will, therefore, get 25 points and the runner up 20 points, the 15th finisher will only get one point.

Race winner motorcycle betting lines- if you have ever wanted to bet on motorcycles then this is the perfect place to start because there are many motorcycles betting tips to go with it, complete with the best motorcycle betting odds.

Bettors will, therefore, simply wager on the rider that they believe will cross the finishing line before all the others. And while at it betting on a major underdog will not end well in terms of cashing in, thus in most cases, the winner is usually the rider who was on the pre-race favorites.

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