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Mixed Martial Arts is abbreviated as MMA, and has, therefore, consolidated different combat disciplines into one sport, some of the individual disciplines are such as Boxing, Sambo, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Tae Kwondo, karate, and wrestling. Gambling has various facets that are to be learned if you have hopes of making any profits in the betting landscape.

Some of the facets are such as, a laser-sharp betting strategy that will leave you with minimal loses, and bankroll management among others and truth be told, making money betting on sports is not the easiest thing to do more so in MMA because it features some very serious lows and the best and lucrative highs. But with consistency and constantly sharpening your betting skills will put in you in a winning streak, as you will be able to bet on the strong positions.

Online MMA betting is not for the faint-hearted as you will suffer some losses and even get crushed more times than you win. If you are, therefore, planning on making some longer-term profits from MMA betting then below are online MMA betting tips and markets that you can bet on.

Online MMA betting markets

Bet on MMA Parlays- successful UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) betting requires for the bettor to carry out a thorough research on the fighters, so you know the person who has a better edge on a particular match and then you can strike. An effective MMA betting tip would suggest that you start with the singles and subtly move to the prop bets, and then to the parlays. Now for the latter, a good risk versus reward strategy is to bet on two or three fights and not more.

So with a parlay, you will only get paid if all the legs win, and you will, therefore, try the multiple Moneyline bets together for greater MMA betting odds. The reason for the above is because you get to enjoy a greater payout when compared to wagering on a single outcome. Practically what happens is that a parlay of a -200, a -300, and a -500 favorite will attract a payout of +140, however, if one of the fights loses then the entire bet is gone.

Moneyline MMA odds – the Moneyline MMA betting lines allow you to pick one person who will win the fight and then place a bet on that, and if the person wins the fight, you also win the bet. Moneyline MMA odds are the simplest in betting because you collect the associated payouts as regards the MMA betting odds.

Round the Fight Ends Props MMA betting- this one should not give you a headache because the wager is pretty straight forward, so you will just place a bet on the round that the fight will be stopped, and remember with this option no considerations are given to the winner.

In the MMA odds, there are a variety of prop bets thus variety options, one which is the skilled props bets versus the unskilled/fun prop bets, so the difference here is highly dependent on what you want to achieve, is it the profits or you are just doing it for fun.

The skilled prop bets are profitable in the long term whereas the fun prop bets don’t require a bettor to have any skill to bet on MMA as it is purely luck-based. For the skilled prop bet on MMA, you could place a bet that both the fighters will finish each other or a bet on that the fight will not go the distance as well. The MMA betting odds will thus vary with regard to what the MMA betting odds makers predict.

Other types of props bets are such as the distance bets, the finishing round bets, the draw bets, and the victory bets.

Over or under bets MMA betting odds – for this market, you will be betting if the fight will have a stoppage or go the distance. So if you predict that the fight will go to the judges then you can bet the over but if your instincts are telling you that a fighter will finish it before, the final 2.5 minutes then you can bet the under.

In essence is that the over/under bets are best placed in the duration of the fight, and you will, therefore, be provided with a set number of rounds, 1.5 for example with the MMA odds on both sides. So if the fights last for more than 7 minutes and 30 seconds then the over bet will cash, and if the fight concludes before the over/under then the under will crash. The more reasons you have to correctly monitor the MMA betting lines.

Points Handicap MMA betting lines- in the points wagering handicap online MMA betting if the fighter wins before the predetermined time he/she is the winner. And if the fights complete all the predetermined rounds then the cumulative score of all the three judges’ scorecards will be used.

A bet on MMA points handicap allows the punter to wager on the number of rounds that a particular fighter will win, for example, Eric Cejudo with the MMA betting odds 3.5 means that if the fight goes to a decision then the bet will cash, and that is if Cejudo’s scorecards total 4 points or more than Stipe Miocic. So if there will be a finish by the fighter then the points handicap bet will be crashed.

Method of Victory Props MMA betting TIPS - prop bets are a proposition that you cannot do something that has been wagered on, thus you attach a wager amount on it and that is why they are offered in different forms in the different sports. Method of victory props is a wager that is placed as regards the outcome of the fight and does not concern itself with the winner, the method provides MMA odds for submission, and these are decisions, and KO/TKO.

MMA Betting

MMA betting tips

Remember that UFC can preferentially matchmake, so be on the lookout on who the UFC wants to win the match as the good money will be on the fighter. You must also know the fighters that can win this will help increase your value. If Cejudo is the most feared fighter, don’t bet him on a negative number instead get him by the TKO at plus money.

Online MMA Betting