Ice Hockey Betting

Want to improve your returns on ice hockey betting, our comprehensive guide will offer comprehensive insights on ice hockey betting tips and ice hockey odds. Remember that of all the sports hockey turns out to be the hardest and most brutal; you might even be tempted to put rugby in this category, but remember that for as much as rugby is grueling and demanding, it is also highly rewarding and comes with so much fun.

The next question, therefore, would be, is online ice hockey betting just as tough? And the simple answer is yes! Because unlike betting on other sports that feature high scores, hockey does have some rather low scores, which might explain why ice hockey betting is not as popular, be careful though because Canadians and the Northern Europeans have mad love for the ice hockey betting odds.

Ice hockey matches are divided into three 20minutes periods but the total time taken to play the game is one hour with which you can bet on the ice hockey odds.

Goals Totals Over/Under Ice Betting Tips

Ice hockey totals bet are dependent on how high or low the total number of goals in the game will be. So, what happens is that sportsbook sets a number or an ice hockey betting line and you will have the opportunity to bet that there will either be more or fewer goals than the line that has been set. In ice hockey betting, therefore, the numbers are set at 5.5 goals, and the reason for the above is to obliterate the chances of a draw.

So, if you decide to bet the over, you are alluding to the fact that there will be more than 5.5goals. In essence, therefore, is that you are going to win your bet if the players score six or more total goals, and if you decide to bet the under then, you are predicting that there will be fewer goals than 5.5 total goals in the game.

A free ice hockey betting tip that you might want to take seriously is that the ice hockey odds that you will be betting on are the total number of goals that would be realized in the game and not the overall outcome of the game.

Ice Hockey Betting

Bet on Ice Hockey Puck Line Bets

Online ice hockey betting on the Puck line bets can be looked at as a form of point spread bet, the above works by forcing the favorite team to win with more goals, and in such a scenario the underdog is allowed to lose the game but win the bet altogether. So, as you analyze the ice hockey betting lines remember that the puck line remains at +/- 1.5 goals.

The latter means that the favorite team must win by more than 1.5 goals, for you to win if you decide to place a bet on them, on the flip side is that the underdog team can lose by 1.5 or less and you still get to bag the money.

Period Wagers Ice Hockey Betting Tips

As we mentioned earlier the standard hockey game is split up into three periods however, the winner of the game will be determined by the number of goals scored cumulatively in the three periods. However, sportsbooks also has the opportunity to make the game interesting by allowing you to bet on the team that will win in a particular period.

Online ice hockey betting Periods also allow punters to bet on the team the will win during the first period and then you wait for the scores that will come later after the first period. Important to note is that period bets are the most popular of the hockey period bets, usually there are about 4 to 5 goals scored in the first period and it is at this time that the teams try to get out in front as quick as they can, and scoring as many goals as fast as they can.

The best ice hockey betting tip for the period wager is that you have to analyze the game as much as possible and as much as you can beforehand. So to further stay on the safe side, ensure that you don’t bet more than you are ready to lose, as this can be very risky with the first-period bet, also keep in mind that the that the ice hockey betting results of the first period just after you bet on ice hockey are not predictable.

Online Ice Hockey Betting

Correct Score bet on ice hockey

Correct score online ice hockey betting gives punters about three options, the first ice hockey betting option being that you will bet with regards to what you think will be the correct score at the end of the game. And an ice hockey betting tip to keep with you is that you can place a bet on correct score ice hockey if you think that the game will draw after the end of regulation time, and lastly, you are allowed to place a bet on the scoreline ice hockey odds.

So, if you predict that the Pittsburgh Penguins will beat the Chicago Black Hawks 7-1 then that is the scoreline that you will settle with for your bet on the correct score ice hockey. And if you predict that the Chicago Black Hawks will trample the Pittsburgh Penguins 6-5 in overtime then you will have to wager on the ice hockey odds of that scoreline.

And the last option is that if you believe that by the end of the 60minute period the score will be a draw of let’s say 4-4 then you will have to wager on that scoreline.

Bet on Ice Hockey Moneyline Bets

The Moneyline bet on ice hockey is pretty simple and profitable, so what you will do in this instance is that you will place a bet on the team that you think will win the game. So, if you have the Edmonton Oilers going against Tampa Bay lightning and you think that the former are going to win then that is where you are going to place your bet.

For some insightful ice hockey betting tips is that Sportsbooks are always keen on how they place the ice hockey betting odds, in that they tend to offer a better payout on a team that they know is less likely to perform well, and a worse payout on a team that is well known to perform better. The logic here is that if they offer a better payout in the hockey betting lines, on a team that is bound to take the cup home then they won’t be able to derive some little profit and will be out in the cold soon.

But If they offer better ice hockey betting odds on the underdogs then the population will shift from the better team. And with the above in mind sportsbooks will end up paying out the same amount of money and equally make a profit.

An example of what you should expect is Better team-4000

Poor team +5600