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The approximate number of golf courses in America stands at 15,500 meaning that there is enough room for more punters to join the golf betting bandwagon and fork out some good earnings from online golf betting. Besides, since the PGA tour metamorphosed into an extended season, it seems that the season finale ceased to exist and as such, there isn’t a true opening day for the professional golf players.

We have thus established that we can bet on the different golf tournaments during the season; so, here are some basic golf betting skills. What normally happens in online golf betting is that when you place a to win bet, the bet usually reflects a specific golfer who is expected to win the tournament.

This type of market is the best because it tends to offer the best pay in Golf, “to win” bets come with golf odds of about 10:1, which then means that if you were to place $10 as a bet on golf then you might just win yourself up to $100.

Golf enthusiasts, therefore, know that they can bet on a tournament winner from time to time, besides they have the option of choosing from the numerous golf betting odds offered weekly and that is from the top 10 finishers to the score of the best golfer going against a specific golfer.

Popular Golf Odds

There are about nine types of golf bets that you can place some of which have been discussed below.

Head to head golf betting odds- head to head is just that and all you have to do is bet on the golfer that you predict will take the win at the end of the match. What happens is that the bookmakers will pair up two golfers in a tournament, so your job is just to bet on the outcome of the match, whether it is a win or a loss.

And just so you know, the two-way bet does not look to even out any differences that might occur between the two players, and did you know that when you bet on a head to head market, you also have the option to lay the results. Take for example you decided to lay Player A against B with a stake of $100 at golf odds of 1.68, there are two steps to calculating the lay bet, first, you will calculate the return with a commission (100*0.98=$98) the formula being Stake*0.98=profit.

You will then calculate the return but this time exclude the commission and it will look something like this (stake=profit) thus ($100=$100).

2/3 balls Online Golf Betting – the 2/3 bets are just a head to head but this time for a pair or group of 3, so your job will be to pick the group that you think will post the lowest score. Additionally, with this type of golf betting lines, you have the option of choosing a tie, if you predict it to be the likely outcome.

In practice is that if one player begins in a 2-ball and withdraws then the other player will automatically be declared the winner of the match, and if the same happens in a 3-ball, then the bet will continue with the two remaining players. And just like we have discussed above, if you bet on a 2-ball then the bookmakers can still offer you the option of a tie thus make it a 3-way market.

Versus the field golf betting – well this is one of the markets that will give you some serious adrenaline rush because the bets are offered as one of the favorites for the tournament vs the field. In essence, is that if you take a field of golfers who will go against a particular player and when a person in your group wins then you automatically have a winner.

Remember also that you are selecting a player or a team that is not yet available in the existing selection, so in case any player or team apart from the ones listed to win the event then the field bet is automatically graded as a win.

To explicate further is that the golf oddsmaker gives the bettor the money line odds on particular golfers that should win the tournament or event, including the golf betting odds on the field, which then is an opportunity to wager on the collection of golfers that have not been given the individual golf odds.

Nationality Golf betting lines – Nationality online golf betting are a sure way of testing patriotism, which many people won’t put into consideration especially since money is involved. So what happens in this type of golf betting line is that sportsbooks will post the odds, from which the punter will choose the player that they think is the best performing in terms of nationality.

In simple terms is that the nationality bet on golf will have bettors bet on a specific player from either a country or a region who is then expected to win, or rather be the top player from a particular country or region. You can, therefore, place your bet on the top-performing player in America or place a bet on a UK finisher that you know will deliver a solid win.

Golf betting tips on Group Betting– this type of bet is centered on a group of four golfers, so all you have to do is put your money on the golfer that you think will outdo the others by posting the best score.

Futures Golf Betting Lines- Futures bet in online golf betting revolve around professional golfers; punters, therefore, place their bets on the player that they think is going to win the FedEx Cup. The good thing about futures betting lines is that they are provided all year round, and for as much as the bet is simple coupled with a handsome payoff, predicting can be extremely tough.

Golf Betting

Best Golf Betting Tips

Golf betting tips abound in the futures bet and the most important one is that you need to make your bet early on in the year or just before the playoffs begin because the golf odds tend to be better at the beginning of the year. The idea is if a golfer is having a hard time as the season starts, you can be sure that his future odds will be reflected.

Remember also that a golfer’s chance of winning the tournament could increase or decrease and the same goes for their payout odds, so the best strategy with these bets would be to get an online sportsbook that overreacts to a player’s results in a particular tournament.

Online Golf Betting