Darts Betting

Darts betting is just as exciting as betting on NBA or Soccer, and at the heat of the moment, people tend to get a tad bit confused and break the limits of their bankroll. So, for as much as there are markets that might limit the risk of incurring too much loses, the best dart betting tip that we can offer if you decide to bet on darts, is that you find a bookmaker who will provide you with live streams so that you can bet on darts and also watch the game from one place.

And unlike other betting sports where you get some time to recollect and re-analyze your bets, with darts you have to stay on your toes because things can take a major turn really fast, so you have to be keen to ensure that it is your lucky day. Additionally, online darts betting offers bettors’ autonomy, where you don’t have to limit yourself by backing one player or even tie yourself to one bet as you predict the overall tournament score.

Another sweet spot in darts is that you are free to swing by the alternative markets like the score that a player gains with the first score.

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Darts Betting Methods

Darts is an easy game to understand more so if you are still green, so some of the basic things that you have to be familiar with are such as the scoring dart, which is counted when the point of the dart touches the dartboard. And when the games start, a decision has to be made on who will be the first one to throw the darts, so to get one, both players will aim for the bull's eye, at the beginning of the game.

The player who will first hit the bullseye will go on to start but if both players hit the bullseye eye then they will keep throwing until one of them hits the bullseye or hits close to it. In darts, we have two main popular matches, the first one being the match play where you will play the best of a set amount of legs before you can win the game. We then have the set play, which relates to the first player to win the set amount of sets in the Darts betting game.

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Darts Betting

Online Darts Betting Markets

Outright Winner- the outright winner darts odds is the wager that you place on the overall winner of the competition or tournament. So if you predict that a specific player will win the tournament then that is where you will place your online darts betting bet.

Handicap Two Way darts odds- In every sport, players are talented differently and so it is with darts. So, when you check the darts betting lines, you will notice that the bookies have a way of pricing a better player and a weaker player, odds on. So, the punters don’t have much value to bet on, the bookmaker will, therefore, handicap the better player and give the weaker player a powerful start in the darts betting lines.

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Take for example Adrian lewis -2.5 and James Wade +2.5, so if you opt to settle with Adrian Lewis then you must win by 3, failure to which, you will not have beaten the handicap. On the other hand, if the bettor opts to bet on James Wade and he loses by two or less than two then the punter will have won the handicap.

Correct score darts betting lines- when compared to the straight wins market, the correct score does offer better darts betting odds. So for this market, you will be betting on the correct score of the game and truth be told this is one of the most lucrative markets in darts betting and a handy darts betting tip to keep with you If you find yourself betting on the correct score, is that the reward is pretty high but getting the correct score is hard and you have to find tips that will enhance your winning chance.

Highest match checkout Darts betting tips- highest match checkout are the final three darts that a player throws in to win the leg, which then ends on a double. From here now the bookmaker sets the line on what they think the highest finish will be, and the punters can then bet on whether they think will be higher or lower than the set number. In essence, is that you are betting on what you think the highest checkout of the match will be.

Online Darts Betting

In-Play Bet on Darts

In-play betting normally happens after the game has already started through to its conclusion. In-play bet on darts is what bookmakers call live betting, so you will be able to access the darts betting odds while the game is taking place.

Highest player checkouts darts odds- this type of market is pretty easy to understand and here you will bet with regard to what you think the highest player check out will be. You can, therefore, decide to bet on either, Barney over 120.5 or under 120.5, the Flying Scotsman over 120.5 under 120.5.

Match Result online darts betting- match result just like its name is where the punter predicts what the results of the game will be and that is within the recommended game time. In most games bettors, get about three options that is either a win for the team, a draw, or a win for the other team.

For darts betting, however, is that the darts betting odds tend to move with regards to the person that is winning the match, an important dart betting tip to keep handy when engaging the match result is that you need to keep your eyes open because the darts odds can move relatively fast in the market such that the leg can be over in a few minutes.

Darts betting odds to win the leg- this market is the trickiest in darts betting because for one the darts odds tend to change after every dart that is thrown, meaning that the darts betting lines also move pretty fast. The first player to throw the dart is normally the favorite to win the leg, and with the darts betting odds provided, you have the liberty to bet in-play on Adrian Lewis or James Wage to win the leg.