Cricket Betting

Cricket is one of the online betting sports that gives bettors a chance to gamble with their money 365 days, this could, however, be a good deal if you are smart enough to identify the betting value in the cricket betting lines. It is also one of the sports that tend to take different forms every year, to which end, you will find that there are some aspects that are being changed.

We could, therefore, say that the cricket sport has metamorphosed over the years to what it is now, take for example before the introduction of the limited-overs, the first-class cricket matches were played side by side with the test matches. The Limited overs cricket was a result of the 1960’s English domestic cricket, fast forward to 2003 and the face of cricket is new thanks to the launch of the Twenty20 by the England and Wales cricket board.

The subsequent changes in cricket brought with it some of the uniqueness between the international and domestic cricket, and with these distinctions, bettors have to choose the cricket tournaments that they want to bet on. So punters who wish to go into online cricket betting must know that there are three recognized formats of cricket (Test Cricket, One day cricket, and T20 Cricket), which are played out between the full and associate member nations.

Online Cricket Betting Tips

JMan of the match cricket award is at times known as the player of the match award, the latter provides punters with two things that come simultaneously, one is that it comes attached with high cricket odds, and it is an extremely interesting way to have fun watching cricket, and all you need to do is to correctly predict who is going to walk away with the coveted prize.

Truth be told, however, is that finding a winner in the man of the match cricket betting is like looking for a needle in the haystack. The cricket betting tips proposed at this point is first finding out the players that have won that award in the very ground in the previous games.

So if we dissect this concept by country, you will find that India and Sri Lanka are not places that you can easily predict the person that will make an impact because the game could start on a low note thus click about seven to eight wickets in a match and in other days the batsman could come with the enthusiasm of achieving the double hundreds.

And when we go back to the UAE, where Pakistan has dominated then, the batsmen would have an incredibly hard time because of the seam movement in the first days and many spins thereafter. So the best cricket betting tip that we can offer, is for you to find the right type of wicket and that will be from the TV pundits, the websites, and the interviews with captains.

Cricket Betting

Match Outcome and Series Winner Cricket Odds

Match outcome as it turns out is a rewarding cricket betting market; if you were to bet on the limited over’s, cricket betting odds then it is best you understand that you can only get one of two outcomes, and that is, either of the sides could win. For the test matches, however, you get a third option, which is the draw; online cricket betting on a series outcome doesn’t offer much difference thus you have the option of betting on the likely winner and the overall exact series score. You can check all the sports betting index on our dedicated page

Bet on Cricket Number of Boundaries

The Bet on cricket number of boundaries has attracted the interest of the punters in the recent past, and that is either on the sixes scored, or the total number of fours. The cricket odds in this game should therefore, work to your favor considering that you will be clearly miersented with teams that have players that can hit the sixes with ease and on the other side there might be batsmen that are into working the ball into gaps thus hit fours.

Additionally, there are some playing grounds that are perfect for six-hitting, which could be because of the small playing areas or because of the matches that are played at high altitudes giving the ball the ability to fly further.

In much simpler terms is that for a cricket team to get runs, the one way is to hit the ball over the boundary of the playing field which will then determine if the team gets four or six runs.

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Online Cricket Betting

Highest Opening Partnership in the Cricket Betting Lines

Batsmen do at times struggle against bowlers and that should be enough reason for you to research the performance of individual batsmen against particular bowlers, of course, all of which will directly affect the cricket betting odds and consequently attract some good returns.

Take, for example, Rohit Rahul who scored the highest opening partnership in the 2019 WorldCup. Best Premier League bets odds available on Betezest

Types of Cricket Betting Odds

  • The Decimal cricket betting odds- The cricket betting lines presented in decimal are such as the 2.25, and this is the number of units that you will get back for every unit that you wager. So any bet on cricket with $5 for the purpose of winning a match at the cricket odds of 1.75, you will get $8.75 ($5*1.75) will be returned if the team wins, the decimal, therefore, includes your stake in the final payout.
  • Fractional cricket betting odds- the fractional cricket odds are presented in two columns each of which is separated by a slash, the left column contains the amount that you will win and that is in terms of profits on the bet for the amount that you placed on that is on the right column. To make it digestible is that for odds of 3/1 you will be liable to 3 units in return for every unit wagered. So, if you stake 5 units for the same odds then you will get 15 units in return.
  • American betting odds- American odds feature a positive or a negative number such as +250 or -250. The negative odds are representative of the amount that you will stake to earn a profit of $100, whereas the positive odds are representative of the amount of profit that you will make on staking $100.