Boxing Betting

The popularity of boxing is just as much as that of soccer, the interesting thing however is that the online sportsbook will rarely offer you more than six markets in boxing when compared to soccer that tends to have multiple markets available. Online boxing betting can line your pockets with cool $$ if you can wager correctly, and as you must have noticed major fights from popular boxers do attract the attention of millions of people around the world thus a harvest day for the organizers.

Introduction into Boxing Betting

Betting in boxing is an age-old tradition when compared to most sports, where in the local traditional boxing match, people would bet with hard cash until the advanced online boxing betting was introduced giving people the opportunity to bet on boxing matches that were played internationally. Additionally, the introduction of satellite TV even made the betting more luxurious and further increased the number of bettors.

Boxing Betting

Ways of Betting In Boxing Matches

When it comes to boxing, there are many ways of betting your chances. Here are some examples:

Round betting Boxing Odds

The thing about Round betting is that it provides the best boxing odds; however, it remains the toughest boxing bet to call. Round betting boxing works when you back a ferocious fighter to win in a specific round. We, therefore, have two types of round betting, that you can bet on boxing, the first one being the grouped round betting, where you will have to predict which fighter will win in which group of rounds.

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Then there is the specific round betting, which is not very different from the previous, you, however, must predict the exact round that the fight will end. Other round betting markets are such as the over/under total rounds, and here you have the option of taking the over/under on the boxing betting lines for the total number of rounds in that fight.

To understand it better is that the bookmaker might have it at 7.5 for example, so if you decide to go with the over then you will need 8 or more rounds and if you decide to bet on the under boxing odds then you will need 6 or less. Lastly, we have the odd/even and the options in these betting lines are for you to predict whether there will be an odd or an even number of rounds.

So if the matches’ stops at round 7 then the one who placed an odd bet wins and if it stops at round 4 the even bettor wins.

The winning boxing betting method

So this has to be the toughest method in betting boxing and one that can also see you lose a lot of money because here you are backing a fighter to win through a specific means, which is either by KO or Decision, DQ or TKO. Additionally, we have bookies that would provide boxing betting odds for each of the fighters to win by the above methods.

So if you decide to go in with this type of boxing betting then your prediction will heavily depend on your knowledge of the sport, the fighters, and the boxing betting tips that you have, and if you are smart enough then you can enjoy some consistent wins with this method.

Outright Winner Boxing Betting Lines

This type of online betting boxing is where you take the available boxing betting odds and back one boxer to defeat the other in a match. The Outright Winner bet on boxing does have some cons, for one you will have to accept that you will win a small amount despite betting a large amount.

However, if you have a watertight tip that fighter A, who is also the underdog will punch fighter B to a technical knockout thus you can bet on the upset. For clarity on the above swing by the bookies to check on the boxing betting odds, such as paddy power for good deals, and as you settle for this option remember that it is important for you to be 100% sure that the fighter you have chosen will beat their opponent and win you the bet on boxing. MMA betting Canada available on Betrivers

Winning Boxing Betting Tips

The major idea behind boxing is to render your opponent incapacitated, to continue for up to 10 seconds which then ends in a KO and that is the only way by which bettors can win rounds and score points in online boxing betting. Now on the vice versa is that for as much as it is important to throw some heavy punches, it is also just as important to block them for the sake of the boxing betting lines.

In a boxing ring, you will just be presented with two participants for a single match, and if you are keen you will notice that fighters rarely match where a good fighter might be paired with a serial loser, in such a case the odds in this boxing betting might favor the underdog thus springing up an upset, you, however, need to be keen because this types of upsets are scarce, so the precise boxing betting tip under this circumstances is to avoid this type of a fight.

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Online Boxing Betting

Boxing Betting tips

When you begin betting on boxing, don’t forget to learn everything you need to know about this sport before starting.

Browse the fighting history

They say we use the past to make decisions about the future, a concept that squarely sits on boxing betting, so what you do is that you will check on the recent fighting forms before you place a bet, has the fighter that you want to bet on suffered a defeat or has he been held to a draw. Find out if they have been busy in the boxing circles or they are just springing up from months of inactivity.

You also need to know if they have been gracing the boxing betting lines by beating anyone in the recent past. Also don’t rely too much on the unbeaten records of a fighter who is going up against a world-class fighter.

Is the fighter serious with their profession?

There are so many factors at play here that if you chose to ignore will put a damper on your boxing betting hopes, things like training, how focused is the fighter, does he attend training or is he the partying type of individual. Also, things like domestic issues would very much distract the fighter, remember that for you to win your bet the fighter has to remain focused.

We have heard cases of fighters confessing of not being mentally present both in the training camp and in the ring because of their troubled personal life.

The last but rather obvious boxing betting tip is that you should assess the size and weight of the fighter, and for this one, all we can say is that a good big man will beat a little good man, a fact that has never changed.