Basketball Betting

Fingers are crossed as basketball enthusiasts eagerly hope for the NBA season to return in July 2020, after suspension due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The NBA season usually begins mid to late October and runs through to early April, thus completes half of the team’s season.

Introduction into Basketball Betting

The NBA landscape is one major puzzle that can be difficult to navigate however, it is highly profitable all together; with basketball, therefore, there aren’t many events within the year, and this is because of the schedules and its dynamic nature.

A handy basketball betting tip if you want to make a killing out of the 82 games played in a season, is that you need to stay five steps ahead; for example, you have to be on top of basketball statistics and watch basketball news to be in the know of the players who are making moves, like the recent move by Lebron James to Los Angeles Lakers.

So, unless you want to end up broke and miserable, after betting all your money in your favorite sport then keep this three basketball betting tips handy; first stay updated with the current happenings in basketball, research the best online basketball betting strategy and understand the basketball bet types and the basketball betting odds.

Basketball Betting

Spread Bets Online Basketball Betting

Spread bets are a headache but once you understand them you will be over speeding on the basketball betting freeway. So, let’s get a bit practical with this game and use the statistics between the Indiana Pacers and the Bolton Celtics. On the last game that the Pacers played against the Celtics in March of 2020, Celtics emerged the winners, so if you were to bet on the above game and you know that the Pacers have a history of scoring high points then you would probably win the game by 10 points.

For this game, if the only option was the Moneyline basketball betting odds then you would have ended up using a lot of money but with little profit, but with the spread bets, sportsbook will decide on the points that they think each team is going to lose or win the game by and then give you the option to bet on a basketball team that you think is going to outperform the prediction.

So if Sportbook thinks that the Celtics are going to win by 8 points the spread will be presented as below.

Celtic -8 (-110)

Pacers +8 (-110)

Now according to you Celtics will win by 10 points, you will, therefore, place a bet on Celtics. Remember that Celtics are -8 in this game, meaning that Sportsbook is of the idea the team will win by 8 points, and for you to win, Celtics have to outperform sports book expectation, meaning that if they win by 9 points then you also win.

But if you think that Celtics will win by fewer points, let’s say 6 then they will have underperformed thus you will lose because they wouldn’t have exceeded their expectation. Pacers on the other hand are expected to lose the game by 8 points, so if they lose the game with fewer points and you had placed a bet on the team, then it is your payday because they exceeded their expectation.

Totals Basketball Betting Odds

Totals basketball betting also known as the over/under, this type of online basketball betting works, by the punter placing a bet on the number determined by Sportsbook. The latter will, therefore, allow the bettors to place a bet on the combined score for each of the teams, so for you to win it will depend on whether the combined points will be over or under the set number.

Let us then look at the example of the total odds for the Indiana Pacers vs. the Bolton Celtics.

Over 210.5: 1.962

Under 210.5: 2.110

Take for example if you bet £10 on a game to be over 210.5 points and you get a result of 116-98 you would definitely make a return of £19.62 with a profit of £9.62. On the other hand, if you backed the score with as below as 210.5 with the basketball betting odds of 2.110 then you would have lost.

Online Basketball Betting

Moneyline Basketball Betting Tips

The money line is pretty simple, as all you got to do is place a bet on basketball team that you think is going to win the game. To understand this concept better, look at the example below of the basketball betting lines between the Bulls and the Pacers.

Chicago Bulls: 3.440

Indiana Pacers: 1.364

The favorites in this game are Indiana Pacers (1.364) who are expected to beat Chicago bulls (3.440). Therefore, if you placed a £10 wager on the Pacers you would get a return of £13.64 and this is in inclusion of your £13 wager. You will thus have gained a profit of £3.64 however if the tables had turned against you and the Bulls won instead then you would lose your original wager.

A win by the bulls would give you a benefit of £34.40, which is inclusive of your initial £10 wager that would then have you pocket a profit of £24.40.

Futures Basket Ball betting

Futures are not unique to NBA and can be found in motor racing, golf, and NASCAR among other, future bets are made in advance of the event taking place and usually, there are many competitors; below are futures basketball betting tips complete with some of futures basketball odds.

Future basketball odds allows punters to place a bet on how well a single team will perform, they, therefore, bet on whether the teams will win a certain number of games. The idea behind future basketball odds is that they are related to events that lie months ahead, events are centered on the ability of the teams to proceed to championships, their conference or division.

However, in future basketball betting, if you have predicted on a team that you don’t feel will win the conference, or division then all you have to do is choose whether or not they will bag as many games as the bookmarkers have predicted. In essence is that whatever prediction you might have made with regard to a specific team, you need to know that there will be a futures bet that will be attractive to you.

So how do you read the futures basketball betting odds, for one is that they will be expressed in one of two ways, either through the Moneyline or in the fractional form.

Online basketball betting odds to win the Superbowl

Indiana Pacers: 11/2

Chicago Bulls: 13/2

Boston Celtics: 9/1

The above is a presentation of the fictitious top three picks to win the super bowl which has been listed in fraction form. The fractional representation of the Indiana Pacers is the same as 5.5-to-1and that is for everyone that you bet for if they win the Superbowl.

Basket Ball Betting Odds to Clinch the American League Central Division

Brooklyn Nets: -225

Los Angeles Lakers: +400

Miami Heat: +700

The above information represents futures bet using the money line odd expression, and we can clearly see that the Brooklyn Nets have been predicted to win the division. So, to win the $100 you would have to place a bet of $225. The Los Angeles Lakers +400 is indicative that for every $100 you place a bet, you will be able to win $400.

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