Baseball Betting

Regular baseball runs from late March or early April to Late September or early October, for this year though the Union seems to have put a translucent veil on this popular sport, so with nothing promising coming up, many people are refining their betting skills in anticipation and so are we, below we have compiled an extensive excerpt filled with baseball betting tips and how to read the baseball odds.

Online Baseball betting tips

Baseball has clinched a spot as one of the most lucrative betting sports with a long drawn out schedule that offers punters numerous opportunities to take a shot at the bull’s eye, and mind you it is also one of the easiest because all you have to do is pick the winning team.

When dealing with the baseball betting odds, it’s important that you stay on the winning side of the games that you bet on baseball. And the simplest way to achieve the above is by following the reverse line movement (RLM), where the baseball betting lines move in the opposite direction of the betting percentages.

If you seriously want to cash in from the baseball betting odds, then know the weather, because for a long time the influence of the wind could change the baseball course by some good number of feet, so before you place a total wager consider the wind. If you realize that the wind is blowing in then you can expect it to turn home runs into warning a track thus benefit the unders, and when it blows out it will benefit the overs by turning the fly balls into homers.

Baseball Betting

Totals Baseball Betting Odds

Totals in baseball betting is the same as over/under wagering, a bet on baseball total means that you are wagering if a games total score will be over or under the predetermined runs. For example, check the game between Boston Red Sox, and St Louis Cardinals.

Boston Redsox/St Louis Cardinals
Over 9.5 (-110)
Boston Redsox/St Louis Cardinals
Under 9.5(-110)

According to this baseball betting lines, punters have the option of risking $110 to win $100 by predicting if the game will have more runs scored (over), or the (Under) featuring fewer runs scored. There are instances where the baseball odds are adjusted as the bookmakers balance their ledgers and this is to encourage wagers on one side or the other.

The above is not a move to provide an advantage to one side but rather to present good value opportunity.

Moneyline Baseball Odds

If you don’t want the trouble of the baseball betting lines then bet on baseball money line because it’s by far the most direct system of betting where you just settle with one team and cross your fingers for it to win.

Teams perform distinctly and we, therefore, have some that are considered the best, let’s take, for example, you might be given two options, the first one being that you may have to lay a -400 odds, which then means that you will have to bet $400 to win $100, and that is if you are baseball betting the moneyline on a big favorite.

The second option is that you may be provided with large baseball odds that works in your favor only if you back a popular underdog as you would be risking a lot.

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Boston Red Sox      -150
St Louis Cardinals +140
Online Baseball Betting


If you have bet on football or the basketball spread bets then the runlines are a walk in the park, the distinguishing fact that makes the baseball runlines unique is that it is always almost -1.5 or -2.5, which goes to say that the favorites have 2 or 3 to be able to cover. The runline offered by sportsbook offers a wager that has odds that are closer to 1:1, which consequently allows gamblers, to keep off the higher odds that are found in Moneyline.

Boston Red Sox
St Louis Cardinals

The Moneyline for Boston RedSox has been placed at -150, your wager will, therefore, be $150 for you to win the$100. But with a runline of -1.5 complete with -100 baseball odds is indicative that you are only going to risk $110 to win the $100, however, the team that you bet on in the online baseball betting has to win by at least 2 runs.

From the above, it is very obvious that the baseball betting Moneyline does offer worse odds, so if your prediction is more inclined on a win by at least 2 then you can bet on the Runline as there are higher chances of an increased payout.

Alternate Runlines baseball betting tips

Alternate Runlines in online baseball betting works in an inverted manner where the favorite becomes the underdog and the underdog is flipped to the favorite. However, alternative Runlines do not work in all scenarios; we are, however, not disputing the fact that it can be a great wagering option that will give you the perfect opportunity to increase your payout if you think that the underdog will reflect positively in your account.

In simple terms is that you might have high hopes on the underdog, so you could increase your payout just by turning the underdog into a favorite.

Bet on Baseball Futures and Season Wins

If you are thinking to try out the baseball betting lines in the Futures and Season Wins then you better brace yourself for some serious turbulence because there is little action caused by the long term nature of the bet, the imposed strict betting limits and the significant baseball odds that are associated with the bets.

So what happens in futures is that you bet on a baseball team hoping that it will accomplish fixed goals in the coming season. For example, you could expect them to win their division, the World Series, or the leagues' pennant. The baseball betting odds, therefore, increases with the probability that the event might fail to occur.

In essence, is that you will be taking the over or under on the total wins for a baseball club in the coming season with the odds circulating the standard -110; however you need to know that this will be adjusted with regard to how it fits with sportsbook.