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Are you a fan of Esports Betting? DOTA (Defence Of The Ancients), was a modification for the blizzard entertainment developed Warcraft III, interestingly the fan creators of Dota had a passion for the game that they went ahead and built an exciting game mode, to the gaming enthusiasts, the concept was spot on, which then proceeded to take over the Asian countries and within no time tournaments were organized around the game leading to the development of the title Esport Scene.

While the game Esport scene gained relevance, the fan creators pushed their concept further to come up with a master game that could be played competitively, which then led to the creation of the DotA Allstars. The influence of the DotA Allstars in the 2000s led to the development of the league of legends, which premiered in 2009 and consequently the birth of Dota 2, which sought its own identity besides playing like its mode counterpart.

So, to prevent confusion Dota 2 changed the names and visuals of the characters; the creators of Dota 2 organized a spectacular entry that featured a $1.6m prize pool that attracted some of the biggest names in DotA Allstars. The above introduction, defined Dota 2 landscape thus expanded the playground for growing esport scene, and with the huge number of spectators-cum-players, the betting markets were all bells and whistles.

Online Esport Dota Betting Markets

When speaking about Esports Dota, there are plenty betting markets to place your bets on as following:

Dota Betting On the Tournament Finalist

Esport Dota betting market “Tournament finalist,” allows bettors to bet before a tournament begins, so punters can pick the team that they predict will qualify to proceed to the finals.

Betting On a Match Result Esport Dota Odds

The title of this market is pretty clear and easy to wager on by both the professionals and the novice bettors, who are allowed to pick the team that they think will win a match. The format by which the matches are played only leaves one option by which the winner can be decided, and here the bookmakers will go through 1, 3, or 5 games, maps, or rounds.

There are, however, other tournaments where the organizers choose a format that has incorporated the Bo2 matches and which have a probability of ending in a draw.

Esport Dota Betting On the Occurrence of an Event

This type of online esport Dota betting allows bettors to bet on an event that takes place during a particular game, such as an animal courier getting killed or a player getting a rampage among others.

Esport Dota

Dota Betting On a Tournament Statistic

This type of bet on Esport Dota is a bit complex because as it provides opportunities to bet on things like the Hero with the highest Gold per minute, the most picked hero, and the most banned hero within a game. Additionally, bettors can also bet on the player with the most number of kills; the Esport Dota betting odds on these markets are provided before the start of the important tournaments like the international tournament.

In-play Bet on Esport Dota

esport Dota is a game-changer in sports betting, and bookmakers are also not slacking as they have provided bettors with the fast-paced games, giving them a chance to quickly snatch the esport Dota odds and make profits

Esport Dota Betting on The Tournament Winner

Before you proceed to place a bet on the Esport Dota betting on the tournament winner, it might interest you to know that the esport Dota betting odds under this market are going to be quite high, and this includes the favorites given the high number of unknown players. The esport Dota odds are, therefore, provided before the tournament begins thus gives bettors the chance of picking the team that they think will take home the title.

Dota Betting On a Match Result with a Map Handicap/Advantage

Bettors might have a hard time going against the bookmakers, especially if they are not very knowledgeable about the game, and with this market especially, the bookies are known to provide handicaps and advantages to teams with regards to how their performance is expected. In essence, therefore, is that if the game seems like it will offer bettors an easy win on the esport Dota odds then bookmakers will always seek to provide a level playing field.

Moneyline Esport Dota Betting Odds

Moneyline just like in the other betting sports is the simplest; punters, therefore, only have to choose the team that they expect will win straight up. Moneyline bets on esport Dota are normally offered on the result of a match overall or under the best of tournament series.

An important esport Dota betting tip that will come in handy once you have mastered the full concept of Dota betting you should move to the other parts of the spectrum by placing bets on other MOBA games, whose wagering strategy are similar to that of Dota esport.

Online Esport Dota

The Best Online Esport Dota Betting Teams

The Global Dota rankings are not the easiest information to find but which are very handy if you are hoping to get a chance at making profits in Dota betting. So which are some of the high ranking Dota teams that are bound to keep you coming back to the betting tables.

Vici Gaming- are a versatile lot and will offer the best performance besides the constant exchange of players, besides coming from China, we don’t expect anything less.

Nigma- still new in the industry but have been able to shake things up, first by recruiting a multinational team of players are versatile and have a reputation for their unorthodox hero picks.

Team Secret- turn out to be the most successful, and even managed to bag $10 in tournament prizes, some of their heroes that propelled their rise to fame are such as the bounty hunter, Rubick and monkey king.

Esport Dota Betting Tips

Play Esport Dota yourself - well they say experience is the best teacher, and there is a whole load that you can gain from hands-on experience. Additionally, playing Dota is absolutely free online, so what’s preventing you. By playing the game, you will be able to get a deeper understanding of its dynamics and learn how to select the best characters.

Scout for the best promotions and esport Dota odds- shopping for an online sportsbook with the best offers is un-bargainable unless if you are betting for fun. Scouting for the best odds and promotions allows you to get value off the wagers, and remember that the profit margin is rather thin

Lastly, you need to be attentive to the pick and ban phase because it is primary to every element of the pending battle.