Esport Counter-Strike

Esport is the competitive playing of video games, the first event premiered back in 1972 at Stanford University, and since the game was technology-based it grew actively over the years, and with the introduction of the internet and PC gaming, competitors could now compete from different locations. The above consequently led to the rise of the esports league’s and events.

The industry grew to include video streaming thus allowing gaming on a larger spectrum and the cherry on top that seems to have pushed the Esport industry to greater levels is when one competitor Victor Dennis Fong aka “Thresh” won a Ferrari 328 GTS. Esports then experienced massive growth and more people are now able to comprehend its dynamic nature.

And to be honest, not many bettors are really into wagering on Esports when compared to betting in the traditional sports but then again change is the only thing that is constant and if you feel like betting on soccer, NBA and the MMA are a bit cliché why not swing by Esports.

Esport Counter-Strike Betting

Esports counter strike is by far the most popular online game that people can play and bet and win real profits. In essence, the world is going virtual and if you are new to this landscape then you are in the right place because we are going to walk with you through some of the Counter-Strike betting markets. And to make it even simpler, bookmakers have embraced these games and opened their markets for punters and some of the CS betting markets that you are likely to encounter have been outlined below.

Esport Counter-Strike

Special Bets Esport Counter-Strike Betting

Special bets are indeed special and if you are new to CS betting then this is one market that you will want to watch from a far distance. Special bets are dynamic in nature, and without the necessary knowledge of the game and the players then navigating the Esport counterstrike odds can be a challenge. The bets in this market are made for specific events expected to happen within a game, such as the total number of kills, map winners, and the correct scores.

Outright bets on Esport counter strike

The outright bets are famously known as the futures markets in other sports betting markets, and they tend to consolidate all the matches in the tournament for the overall outcome. The Esport counterstrike odds on the outright bets are not as complex as the ones for the special bets thus the novice players can easily navigate with some little knowledge of the teams and the players.

For this market bettors get at least three CS betting options, so punters will, therefore, wager on the team that they predict will win the tournament or on the team that they predict will reach the final stage or from which region, will the winner come from.

Online Esport Counter-Strike

Moneyline Bets on Esport Counter-Strike Betting

Moneyline bets are the simplest and most convenient for both the professional and novice bettors; with this market, all you have to do is place a bet on the result of a single matchup as you navigate through the Esport counterstrike odds. The Esport counterstrike betting odds offered will then reflect on the perceived strength of the team with regards to calculations by the bookmakers. So essentially what you should expect to be offered is a bet on team A to beat team B.

Online Esport Counter-Strike Betting “In-Play bets”

In-play bets are the Esport counterstrike odds that are placed once the match begins, this market doesn’t have much difference from the Special bets as they are also designed to focus on particular occurrences within the play such as the number of kills or the individual soccer.

Cs Betting Accumulator Bets

The accumulator bets in online Esport counter strike betting also goes by the name combo bets and feature a couple of individual bets. The idea behind the accumulator bet is that they should all be won, which will then lead to the multiplication of the Esport counterstrike betting odds thus a larger payout.

Esport counterstrike betting tips

They say that for one to be good at betting, meaning to have a lucky winning streak they should have a strong intuition, and for as much as it is true other underlying factors will also fuel a positive prediction in online esport counter strike betting. In essence, is that intuition alone won’t work in winning you profits as there are a couple of other skills that you must possess or acquire to be able to successfully bet in the various betting markets.

The player form- all player forms are normally indicated by arrows and letters, examples of form ratings are such as A (8), B (6-7), C (4-5), D (2-3). A player’s condition stability is normally indicated by letters A to D and you can learn of their condition before a match through the arrows. So if you are new to Esport counter strike betting it is important that you research the recent player and team form prior to placing a bet on Esport counterstrike.

Be selective and objective in your betting- we all have our favorite teams and players, and some of us are diehard fans, but when it comes to betting this concept is normally null and void because it can turn out to be quite costly. Betting calls for the intelligence of betting for a team or player that you don’t necessarily support simply because the Esport counter strike betting odds will work to your favor.

You will, therefore, have to desist from placing a bet on esport counter strike just because the team or the player are your favorites, and you also need to be very selective on the events that you bet on, don’t bet on every event, at least be lenient on your bankroll and save it for the more profitable bets.

Understand the game and know the players- The above might seem obvious but it is an important esport counterstrike betting tip that will save you from incurring huge losses on the provided esport counterstrike betting odds.

Failing to plan as we all know is planning to fail, and this also applies to betting, you cannot possibly bet on a game that you don’t know the players or how the game is played. So, to be a successful punter you must have knowledge of how the game is played and learn the strengths and the weaknesses of the players.

eSport betting is still gaining ground among bettors and it would be best to take advantage of it now before the markets become too flooded. Esport counter strike has garnered quite a huge following because of the unique angle with which it is presented, so why not be the first ones to benefit from the still favorable Esport counterstrike betting odds.